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Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Mar, 18 2010

Even with so many quality options available to today's archers—it can sometimes be difficult to find that "one product" that meets all the various "wants" within a single product offering. As for arrow rests—some of today's most sought after features for the bowhunter are full arrow containment, and full vane/fletching clearance. Enter NAP's QuikTune Sizzor Rest.

I had the chance to try the Sizzor during the 2009 Fall Archery season—and instantly became a fan!

The Sizzor is a unique "take" on the typical "drop-away rest". It actually features two "arms" that provide full arrow containment. At the release—both arms open in opposing directions to allow for full vane clearance. Due to the unique implementation of the arms rather than a traditional "launcher"—the Sizzor also eliminates the possibility of "kickback/bounceback" via a launcher possibly making contact with the riser shelf upon release.

The Sizzor Rest provides a "contact free" shot for full vane clearance.

Another added benefit of the unique design of the Sizzor rest "capture arms"—combined with the internal mechanism that controls the release—is that it allows the shooter to "let down" from full draw—without the arrow and/or the rest moving. Once the arrow is loaded—it remains "ready to shoot" until the actual act of releasing at the shot. This is a handy benefit for the hunter—as there are times when the hunter needs to let down after coming to full draw—to await a better shot, etc. With the arrow staying fixed, there's no risk of added noise related to letting down from full draw—nor any risk of the arrow coming off the rest itself.

The clearance offered by the Sizzor rest is also generous enough to offer full vane clearance for both high-profile vanes, as well as FOB's.

There is also a neat "trick" that can be applied to adjust the tolerance/gap between the arms when the arrow is "loaded"—to allow a tighter "capture" between various arrow-shaft diameters.

By loosening the screw for the "top arm"—you can roll/rotate that top arm around to adjust the gap between the top arm and the arrow. This adjustment will allow the user to control the tolerance as far as how tight they want/need the "capture/containment" feature to be.

Notice the small "gap" between the top arm and the arrow shaft.

Due to the fact I do some stalking/still-hunting during archery season—I chose to eliminate any "dead space" between the arrow and the top arm of my Sizzor rest. I simply loaded an arrow onto the rest, then loosened the screw for the top arm, and rotated the arm around til it rested right on top of the arrow shaft. This adjustment helped to increase the "containment" properties and lessen the likelihood of my arrow being snagged from the rest by a limb, etc. while "moving".

To adjust the tolerance/gap, simply loosen the screw that secures the top arm, and rotate the arm til you get the desired "fit"

I chose to rotate the top arm around to make full contact with the arrow, to allow for a very secure "fit". This also illustrates another advantage of the Sizzor rest. Even on a "letdown" from full-draw, the arrow will remain in this "ready to shoot" position!

This photo clearly illustrates just how much clearance is provided once the rest "releases".

This photo clearly illustrates just how much clearance is provided once the rest "releases".

Worth note is that there are two Sizzor models available: one strictly for use with the Hoyt TEC risers, and an "other" model for use with all other model bows.

Here is another recent review on the Sizzor from the folks at

All in all, the Sizzor rest provides several handy features that make it a great option for anyone looking for a solid, secure and forgiving "containment" rest.