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The BloodRunner Brings Another Big Buck Down

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Sep, 21 2009

Congratulations to White Knuckle Productions - Team Kentucky for getting their first kill for the year. Timmy Thacker is on the board with a beautiful 4-1/2 year old 8 point ; that he killed in-velvet a couple days ago with the BloodRunner. The best part is that the hunt took place on PUBLIC LAND! There’s nothing like getting it done in areas of high pressure!

Timmy and his friends and team members Cory Chafin and Brandon Phipps have been hard at it all summer filming velvet footage. They happened to film this buck just a couple weeks ago; and got nearly an hour of beautiful footage of the buck before having the encounter just days into Kentucky’s season. They are still chasing some nice bucks - that are still in-velvet!

Brandon Phipps also got in on the action this weekend by tagging this big ol’ doe on-camera for the team! Talk about some good eating!

Congratulations also to Cory Chafin, who is also on board with a beautiful Kentucky Public Land whitetail taken with a BloodRunner. This was a buck they have been watching all summer, and had located in a bedding area adjacent to a food source. The guys realized they would have to get in close to this bucks bed-room if they were going to get a crack at him before the pressure of other hunters on the public land was going to change this bucks patterns.