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Wyoming Antelope Falls to BloodRunner

Posted by: NAP Pro Staff
| Sep, 17 2009

Another great kill for this season with the BloodRunner. Read below for the full story. Congratulations Toni!

I was shooting a 70# Mathews Drenalin with a 27.5" draw. So I am actually pulling right at 67.5#. Although this antelope was quartering toward me at the water, I was confident I could make a killing shot. When I got to the spot of the hit, there was a lot of blood immediately from both on the entry and exit sides. The blood trail was copious and easily followed if needed. It wasn't needed.

We did a bit of a post mortem (the following is a bit graphic) and found that the entry and exit wounds were both exactly 1.5" in diameter measured with an SCI steel tape. But the impressive stuff was on the inside. Due to the angle, I totally missed the heart and the off side lung. Still his death run took him only 170 yards, and he went down hard three times along the way before he went down for good. On the near side lung it was impossible to measure the size of the wound channel because the part of the lung hit was virtually disintegrated and turned into a jelly-like mass of tissue and half coagulated blood. The shot centered the liver and that cut, as close as I could conservatively determine was in excess of 1.8" indicating the blades stayed totally deployed throughout its travel through the animal's entire body cavity.

And here is the clincher, with the bow described above, not a real heavy draw weight, with a power stroke a bit on the short side, the arrow penetrated over 2/3 of the antelope's body entering behind the front shoulder and exiting the center, most heavily muscled part of the opposite hind quarter and hit the ground 10 yards beyond the about penetration! When I cleaned up the head, there was one small nick in one blade, and all remained very sharp. Except for the nick the head looked like new. No blades even bent and still functioning perfectly.opening completely on impact.